I. W. H. K.

Ilsa W. H. Kidd, photographer

Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd is an Australian photographic artist, focusing her work on staying true to how her eye sees the world. Influenced by her father, she observed from a young age analogue photographic work and creative direction, from concept to processing film in the dark room at home. Fascinated by people, natural beauty and the power held in the insignificant and imperfect, she aims to document feelings felt in fleeting moments - highlighting the crushing truth that nothing last forever.

Ilsa’s work has been published globally in various print and online publications, and with a small print run of most of her works (hanging pretty across the seas), she hopes others will see value in the personal, mundane, and honest expression conveyed in her photography. 

Check back regularly for new works showcased on her Prints page, and coming soon to the site - exhibition news, projects, commissioned works and published works. 

For any more info on prints, or to order a print not currently published on the site, please get in touch. Likewise for commissions or collaborations. Ilsa also photographs portraits, births, and intimate lifestyle sessions for mothers and lovers (including a select number of weddings) - visit www.goodwolfphotography.com for more or contact directly.
Available for work worldwide. 

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