I. W. H. K.

Ilsa W. H. Kidd, photographer

Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd is an award-winning Australian photographic artist, focusing her work - whether it's people based or brand creative - on staying true to how her eye sees the world. Always inspired by art and fascinated by people, natural beauty and the power held in the insignificant and imperfect, she aims to document feelings felt in fleeting moments, even stories held within inanimate objects - highlighting the crushing truth that nothing lasts forever.

Influenced by her father, she observed from a young age analogue photographic work and art direction, from concept creation to processing film in the dark room at home. In these modern times Ilsa likes to delve deeper into the old world of analogue photo making, shooting works and clients on 35mm, medium and large formats, with the intention to give spotlight to the organic and unique nature of film, in turn adding another layer to the storytelling within the photography and a nod to photography’s past. Ilsa also shoots digital in equal amounts, mostly utilising natural light to complement the story and subject, but also likes to play with the vast visual opportunities that comes with studio work and artificial light. Ilsa’s work looks to capture the mood and essence of the ‘now’, the in-between, to unveil the truth and depth of her subject, resulting in a unique visual storytelling through a sometimes crude but beautiful cinema-verite style. 

With her past painted with artistic expression and exploration, following studies and career paths in film-making, direction, writing, theatre and print publishing, Ilsa is a born storyteller with the photograph her vehicle. Ilsa has also shared her experience and knowledge in these artistic fields as an educator and looks forward to hosting photographic workshops in the future. 

Ilsa’s work has been published globally in various print and online publications, and with international interviews and limited print editions of her works hanging in private collections, she hopes others will continue to see value in the personal, sometimes mundane, and honest expression conveyed in her photography. 

Ilsa is a mother of two, a driving force behind a lot of her work. She organically creates her works around caring for and adventuring with her young. She focuses a large portion of her portrait work around the motherhood tale; setting her eye to each individual and the relationship with their child/ren. For more information on these sessions, visit her Motherhood Portraits page of this site, and Portraiture page for all other portraits. 

She works regularly with artists and labels creating visual content and photographic stories around their pieces and collections/campaigns, or new work. Please explore Commissions and collaborations page for examples, or get in contact if you would like information on the process, availability and rates.

Ilsa also takes bookings for Birth (documentary) photography, and small and large events (such as; bespoke parties and spaces, a select handful of Weddings for couples that resonate truly with her photographic style, and gigs/festivals).

For any further information on Limited Prints, to order a print, or to enquire about any works of hers not currently on the site that may be available to be printed- please get in touch. Likewise to arrange any photographic booking, commissioned work or collaboration.

Based in Melbourne, Australia. Available for work worldwide. 
Member of CCP (Centre for Contemporary Photography).
e: ilsawhk.photography@gmail.com

Winner Australian Photography Awards 2019 (film/analogue)
Finalist Head On Photography Awards (Portrait Prize) 2020
Top 20 of Capture Magazine’s Australasia’s Emerging Photographers 2020
’Editors’ Pick’ Life Framer Photography Awards 2019
Finalist/Highly Commended (documentary) Australian Photography Awards 2019
Finalist/Honourable Mention (film/analogue) Australian Photography Awards 2019
Finalist/Honourable Mention (portrait) Australian Photography Awards 2019

Australian Photography Awards 2019, Sun Studios Melbourne.
Electric Collective Bushfire Relief Showing 2020, Nique Sydney, Nique Melbourne. 
Head On Photography Awards Finalists Exhibition - 2020, Sydney/online.
Solo exhibition- 2020, Noosa Arts Trail 2020 Program, Sunshine Coast Queensland- information to be released soon.
Cluster Photography & Print (first edition- invitation only) - 2020, Ugly Duck’s Warehouse London Bridge, London UK. 
Life Framer Collection - online gallery 2020 ongoing, ‘Slipping’ series snapshot.
Solo exhibition - 2021, Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy Melbourne- information to be released soon.
Cream Town - Melbourne 2020/2021 information to be confirmed soon.

Commission Clients~
Worn Store 
Sunshine Symbol 
Rebecca Koster Jewellery 
Dazed But Amazed
Tess Guinery - ‘The Apricot Memoirs’ and ‘The Moonflower Monologues’ 
Hara The Label
Wellington Factory 
Dasa Ceramics
Bask Capsule 
Alexa De La Cruz Studio
Vermeer Studio
Juliet Allen
Lisa Mitchell 
Ali Barter 
Tim Ross
Auor x Bien
Suzi Zutic Jewellery 
Perple Women 
The Bee and The Fox
Self Practice 
Various Friends
Sumu Studios 
Akazi Studios 
Boheme Goods
Tourism Noosa 
Peripheral Arts
Little Seed Theatre Company 
Horizon Art Festival official photographer 2018
Anywhere Theatre Festival official photographer 2017

Publications/published editorials~
JANE by the Grey Attic - Issue 7 (March 2020)
One Wild Ride magazine Vol. 1, 2020
Moss Magazine Vol. 2, 2020
Russh magazine issue 88 (June/July 2019)
Mother Muse magazine Vol. 10, 2019
Mother Muse magazine Vol. 7, 2018
Mother Muse magazine Vol. 6, 2018
Mother Muse magazine Vol. 5, 2017
Bazaar (AU) - Ali Barter feature
Milk Magazine 
Spell Designs journal 
Tourism Noosa - published compendium 
Dancing With Her - wedding story 
Hello May - wedding story 
Polka Dot Bride - wedding story 

Various newspapers and independent press including but not limited to; 
Russh, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Frankie Magazine, The Design Files, Fashion Journal, Broadsheet Media, WIN News, Time Out, Concrete Playground, The Weekend Edition, Weekend Notes, Anyonegirl, JANE by the Grey Attic, Green Magazine journal, Man of Many journal, Australian Design Review, Glasshouse journal, Hatch Collection journal, Really Well journal, Kalaurie journal ‘Muse’, Layer’d ‘We are inspired’ interview, Mother Muse journal, Perple Women journal, Head On(line) 2020 finalists awards and exhibition, Australian Photography Awards online interview, Life Framer collection feature, amongst other printed and online features and interviews. 

Photographic Books~ (to be released) 
Twelve Moons, 2021 release (Anyonegirl Books)

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