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Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd is a multi award winning Australian photographer and film director based in Melbourne and available worldwide. A photographer’s daughter, she grew up witnessing analogue image-making and the theatrics of when life meets art, giving her the foundation to create meaningful narratives through considered processes guided by her own instincts. Her artistic language developed from a young age on fashion sets and later in life studying and practicing across various fine art formats. Her deepest inspiration was born behind the lens and within a tactile and collaborative environment. Her approach to commercial work, both photography and filmmaking, is aligned with her driving desire to create artful visual stories, and stylistically sits within her distinct aesthetic that is fluid across her personal work and other commissions.

Ilsa’s work has been recognised, published and exhibited worldwide, and she has previously been commercially represented with national clientele across two agencies. Ilsa cofounded Alt House, a photographic studio and creative community in Melbourne. She currently has select works represented by and available through No Vacancy Gallery.

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“The more life passes, the more curious I get. Just as the gentle balance within our world and inner constitutions present, the grittiest of my emotions tend to create my most articulate work. And by articulate I simply mean a concentrated expressionism ... raw, sensory, explorative, rule-bending, imperfect or bewildering, evocative, interpersonal, reflective. And in terms of grit I’m referring to my digestion of our human experience, that inner dwelling found between life’s symmetry, the questions, the urges, and at times the grief. Supporting my visual practice I celebrate community and conversation, and like to draw upon likeminded collaboration and development. I am most inspired by human experience and mutual existence, and deliver parts of myself throughout my work by the way in which I inject my voice and viewpoint within a visual landscape. I recognise my work is almost acting as my own personal blueprint.”



WINNER, 18th Julia Margaret Cameron Award (Women Seen by Women) 2022

Finalist, Maggie Diaz Photography Prize for Women, 2022

Honourable Mention, 18th Julia Margaret Cameron Award (Nude & Figure) 2022

Honourable Mention, 18th Julia Margaret Cameron Award (Women Seen by Women) 2022

Honourable Mention, 18th Julia Margaret Cameron Award (Portrait) 2022

WINNER, Ilford CCP Salon 2021 ‘Best Fashion Photography’, Centre for Contemporary Photography 2022

WINNER, British Journal of Photography, Edition 365, 2021

Finalist, Olive Cotton Award 2021, Tweed Regional Gallery

WINNER, Australian Photography Awards, ‘Stories’ 2020

Finalist, Head On Photography Awards, Portrait Prize, 2020

WINNER, Australian Photography Awards 2019 (Film/Analogue prize)

Finalist, Australian Photography Awards 2019 (Film/Analogue prize)

Finalist, Australian Photography Awards 2019 (Documentary prize)

Finalist, Australian Photography Awards 2019 (Portrait prize)

Finalist & ‘Top 20’ Australasia’s Emerging Photographers 2020, Capture Magazine

Editors’ Pick, Life Farmer Photography Awards, 2019

+ official juror, Portrait prize, Australian Photography Awards 2020

18th Julia Margaret Cameron Award, winners group show - Barcelona, Spain, 2022

Head On Portrait Finalists 2020 x Pingyao International Photography Festival 2022 - China, 2022

Maggie Diaz Photography Prize for Women group show - Brightspace Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, 2022

Ilford CCP Salon ‘21 - Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Australia, 2022 

‘Au Courant’ group fashion photography show - Wolfhound Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, 2022

‘Moving Visions’ Fort Heart group show - Melbourne CBD, Australia, 2022

‘Edition 365’ British Journal of Photography winners international group show - New Art City, UK, 2021

‘Olive Cotton Award 2021’ finalist group show - Tweed Regional Gallery, Murwillumbah, Australia, 2021 

‘Stages: Life in Lockdown’ - Monash Gallery of Art (gallery archive collection), Melbourne, Australia 2021 

‘Collective 2021’ - Perth Centre for Photography, Perth, Australia, 2021

Stanthorpe Photography Award 2021 - Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery, Stanthorpe, Australia, 2021

‘Create and Destroy’ analogue group show - Hue and Cry Gallery, Geelong, Australia, 2021 

Ilford CCP Salon ‘20 - Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Australia, 2021

Brunswick Street Gallery Small Works Art Prize - Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, 2021

Ilford CCP Salon ‘20 Instagram Project, artist nomination by Thirds Fine Art Printing, 2021 (online) 

Feature Shoot Emerging Photographers 2021 (online) 

Head On Photography Awards finalist group show - Sydney, Australia 2020 / (online) 

‘Still Life’ group show - Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Australia, 2020 / (online) 

‘Open Call’ by JANE by the Grey Attic, group show - Melbourne CBD, Australia 2020 / Issue 08 Jane by the Grey Attic / (online) 

Cream Town Gallery group collective, Castlemaine, Australia, 2020 - ongoing 

Electric Collective Bushfire Relief group show - Nique Store, Sydney/Melbourne, Australia, 2020 

‘Slipping’ series feature - Life Framer, 2020 (online) 

‘Australian Photography Awards 2019’ finalist/winners group show - Sun Studios, Melbourne, Australia, 2019

Work and news featured in various newspapers and independent press including but not limited to;

Rolling Stone, Russh, Music Feeds, L’Officiel Ibiza, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Frankie Magazine, The Design Files, Fashion Journal, Broadsheet Media, WIN News (TV), British Journal of Photography, Australian Photography Awards, Photo Collective Australia, Anyonegirl, Milk Magazine, Monster Children, Time Out, Concrete Playground, The Weekend Edition, Weekend Notes, Green Magazine, Man of Many, Culture Magazine, Australian Design Review, and Creative Victoria.


CAP 74024 - editorial, 2021

Photo Collective Magazine - Issue 01, cover photo essay from ‘Slipping’ series (2021)

Moss Magazine - Vol. 5, editorial commission cover story, 2021

Milieu Melbourne broadsheet (Ninth Edition), 2021

JANE by the Grey Attic - Issue 8, editorial contribution, 2020

Moss Magazine - Vol. 2, editorial commission cover story, 2020

JANE by the Grey Attic - Issue 7, editorial commission, issue opener, 2020

One Wild Ride magazine Vol. 1, editorial feature, 2020

The Lissome n.01, editorial and film, 2020

Russh magazine, Issue 88, June/July 2019

Mother Muse magazine, Vol. 10, 2019

Mother Muse magazine, Vol. 7, 2018

Mother Muse magazine, Vol. 6, 2018

Mother Muse magazine, Vol. 5, 2017

Bazaar (AU) Ali Barter feature


Milk Magazine

L’Officiel Ibiza

Spell Designs journal

Tourism Noosa published compendium

Hello May - wedding stories 

Polka Dot Bride - wedding story

Off Peak Weddings - wedding story


‘Slipping’ (2023 release), published by Anyonegirl Books, NZ

‘Twelves Moons’ (2023 printed edition), self-published

‘The Birth Space’ - Gabrielle Nancarrow, Hardie-Grant Books, 2021 

18th Julia Margaret Cameron Award photo book, FotoNostrum, Spain, 2022

British Journal of Photography ‘Edition 365’ Winners photo book, 2021

Australian Photography Awards 2020 ‘Stories’ Winner/Finalists photo book 

Australian Photography Awards 2019 Winners/Finalists photo book

Mothr - Krystal Howard-Clarke, 2019

Interviews + features
ShoutoutLA (exclusive interview)


The Lissome 

JANE by the Grey Attic (exclusive interview)

Russh online

Photo Collective Australia (photo/written commission)

Mother Muse online (exclusive interview)

Glasshouse Journal (exclusive interview)

Layer’d ‘We are Inspired’ (exclusive interview)

Mother/Other podcast ‘More Than I Imagined’ 2020 (exclusive interview/podcast)

Perple Women ‘Perple Loves’ Journal (exclusive interview)

Kalaurie Muse spotlight ‘Slipping’ series

Australian Photography Awards (exclusive interview)

Life Framer Collection - featured collection - ‘Slipping’ series

Head On(line) Finalists exhibition 2020

An Ode to Mother - (exclusive interview) and featured photo essay - ‘Twelve Moons’ series

Hatch Collection - ‘BABE’ blog feature

Really Well Journal (exclusive interview)

An Ode to Women - ‘At Home’ guest contributor
Select Clients

Lisa Mitchell (Believe Aus/NZ), Nobody Denim, JANE by the Grey Attic, Hardie-Grant Books, Tess Guinery (Andrews McMeel Publishing), Stephanie Cherote (Native Tongue Publishing), Photo Collective, Australian Photography Awards (official juror, Portrait prize 2020), Tim Ross (’Man About The House’ tour), Perple Women, Muse the Label, Anna Cordell Clothing, Tourism Noosa, Juliet Allen.

Proudly in creative partnership with the following clients

Lisa Mitchell, Francie the Label, Before March, Rebecca Koster Jewellery, Better With Friends.

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