I. W. H. K.

fashion/brands/artists commissions and collaborations; Ilsa’s work aims to capture the mood, the in-between, to unveil the truth and depth of her subject, resulting in a unique visual storytelling through a (sometimes crude and emotive) beautiful cinema-verite style.
Available for advertising, fashion, art and artists, campaigns and collaborations.
Based in Melbourne, Australian and available for work worldwide.

Influenced by her father, she observed from a young age analogue photographic work and art direction, from concept creation to processing film in the dark room at home. In these modern times Ilsa likes to delve deeper into the old world of analogue photo making, shooting works and clients on 35mm, medium and large formats, with the intention to give spotlight to the organic and unique nature of film, in turn adding another layer to the storytelling within the photography and a nod to photography’s past. Ilsa also shoots digital in equal amounts, mostly utilising natural light to complement the story and subject, but also likes to play with the vast visual opportunities that comes with studio work and artificial light.

Please get in touch to discuss commissions and photography rates, and to discuss your vision or how I may help you realise the visual story behind your work.

A list of current and previous clients, with sample portfolio below of such works~
Rebecca Koster Jewellery campaign ‘20
Worn Store S/S 20 fashion story and short film (more coming soon to the site)
Perple Women creative story
Dazed But Amazed (more imagery coming soon to the site)
Dasa Ceramics x Rebecca Koster Jewellery (still life collaboration - more imagery coming soon to the site)
Wellington Factory campaign/collections (womenswear/childrenswear)
Vermeer Studio
Alexa De La Cruz Studio (more imagery coming soon to the site)
Juliet Allen (more imagery coming soon to the site)
Auor x Bien
Bask Capsule (campaign)
Yukari Botanicals x Bask Capsule
Hara The Label (collaboration) - (more imagery coming soon to the site)
Worn Store for Anyonegirl
The Bee and The Fox
Various Friends
Sunshine Symbol collection 2020 (coming soon to the site)
Lisa Mitchell (coming soon to the site)
Kalaurie creative story (coming soon to the site)
Tess Guinery - ‘The Apricot Memoirs’ and ‘The Moonflower Monologues’ Book series (coming soon to the site)
Sumu Studios for Anyonegirl (coming soon to the site)
Akazi Studios x Nikita Rojas Johnson (coming soon to the site)
NuÑez (coming soon to the site)
Rachel Kara x Bask Capsule (coming soon to the site)
Boheme Goods (coming soon to the site)
Tourism Noosa (coming soon to the site)