I. W. H. K.

Please contact me if you are planning on a home birth in 2020/2021, and would like to find out more about partaking in this project. Photography at no fee.

Series/book; 'Twelve Moons' - is a photographic project celebrating the power, the unknown, the natural, the primal, the love, the life, and the analogue. The documentary art series focuses on 12 home births bringing light to a fading birthing culture in western civilisations, a nod to bygone rituals and a warm universal embrace from one woman to another. This work will be captured through an art driven documentary style, honest and shot in a way true to the era where documented home births originated- through the film camera. Photographic kit will consist of 35mm analogue across various camera bodies and lenses, medium format with the focus on a vintage film quality and the exciting format of new55 film with 4 x 5 large format. The work is co-curated, designed and published with Anyonegirl Books - another layer of this works' feminine quality, energy and voice.

More imagery coming in lead up to release.