‘harvest’, 2018. 

A series that celebrates life and form, and how we perceive things to be.
Honouring life span, this collection of fine art prints (available for purchase) was organically conceived whilst pregnant with my second child. All produce celebrated in this series was homegrown or locally sourced during a season of growing new life, and shot on my mother’s white linen (with prop assistance by my nearby firstborn). The aesthetic of the collection was undeniably informed, even on a subconscious level, by the photograph ‘Der Koch (the cook)’ from a photographic series ‘Resemblance’ by Anna Zahalka, 1987- that hung in my childhood kitchen, selected by my photographer father. It’s a touching full circle story for me, so all images are titled in relation to the family influences, including the citrus selections which were my second pregnancy’s number one craving- these images are titled after my daughter inside ‘Thea no. 1-5’.

Wolfgang n.1

‘Anthony n.1’

  ‘Thea n.1’ & ‘Thea n.2’

‘Susa n.1’

‘Andrew n.1’

‘Andrew n.2’
‘Andrew n.3’

‘Viola n.1’

‘Viola n.2’

‘Andrew n.4’  

 ‘Thea n.3’

   ‘Thea n.4’ & ‘Thea n.5’