Woman at Home
Part II (Lisa, 2020)

Shot at a distance in between Melbourne’s lockdowns during covid19

A pendulum swing, a heartening hum, as we catch air and sit in silence. Awaiting our new beginning. A change in narrative and meaning, metamorphosis from what was...
“This second instalment of Woman at Home came to fruition during an extraordinary time in our history as we all stayed home, saturated in our own company, holding closely a mortality and fragility never so transparent, and the inevitability of a new evolution. Ultimately, our revolution of Self, a forced and unified mission to reset and rewrite our direction. And as a woman at home, what lies within?”

More on the series;
A modern enquiry set to question old values that no longer fit a contemporary world and the diverse roles women are now playing. Provocative, raw, and open-ended, the subjects faces (identity) are intentionally veiled or partly so, to allow viewers to identify their own interpretation and personal meaning. The work aims to open a conversation about traditions, equity and identity and to highlight thoughts and ideas that perhaps now belong only in our past.