Work and news featured in various newspapers and independent press including but not limited to;
Russh, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Frankie Magazine, The Design Files, Fashion Journal, Broadsheet Media, WIN News, Monster Children, Time Out, Concrete Playground, The Weekend Edition, Weekend Notes, Green Magazine, Man of Many, Australian Design Review, Creative Victoria, amongst other printed and online features and interviews.

JANE by the Grey Attic - Issue 8, editorial (2020)
Moss Magazine - Vol. 2, editorial commission, cover (2020)
JANE by the Grey Attic - Issue 7, editorial commission  (2020)
One Wild Ride magazine Vol. 1, editorial feature (2020)
Russh magazine issue 88 (June/July 2019)
Mother Muse magazine Vol. 10, 2019
Mother Muse magazine Vol. 7, 2018
Mother Muse magazine Vol. 6, 2018
Mother Muse magazine Vol. 5, 2017
Bazaar (AU) - for Ali Barter
Milk Magazine - for Wellington Factory
Spell Designs - Journal feature 
Tourism Noosa - published Compendium

‘Slipping’ (2021 release) - published by Anyonegirl Books
‘Twelves Moons’ (2021 release) - published by Anyonegirl Books
Mothr - poetry book by Krystal Howard-Clarke, 2019
Australian Photography Awards 2020 ‘Stories’ Winner/Finalists photo Journal 
Australian Photography Awards 2019 Winners/Finalists photo book

Anyonegirl (various editorials / photo stories)
The Lissome (editorial for Worn Store)
JANE by the Grey Attic (exclusive interview)
Russh online
Mother Muse online (exclusive interview)
Glasshouse Journal (exclusive interview)
Layer’d ‘We are Inspired’ (exclusive interview)
Perple Women ‘Perple Loves’ Journal (exclusive interview)
Kalaurie Muse spotlight ‘Slipping’ series 
Australian Photography Awards (exclusive interview)
Life Framer Collection - featured collection - ‘Slipping’ series
Head On(line) Finalists exhibition 2020 
Dancing With Her wedding journal (real wedding story- client weddings)
Hatch Collection - ‘BABE’ blog feature
Really Well Journal (exclusive interview)
Mother/Other podcast ‘More Than I Imagined’ 2020 (exclusive interview/podcast)
An Ode to Women - ‘At Home’ guest contributor
An ode to Mother - (exclusive interview) and featured photo essay - ‘Twelve Moons’ series