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Series; Twelve Moons (2017 - 2021)

Series; Slipping (2016 - ongoing)

Series; Woman at Home, Part III (2021) - coming soon to the site. 

Series; Dovetail Joint (2021) - coming soon to the site.

Series; 19 (2020, releasing 2021)

Series; Woman at Home, Part II (2020)

Series; Undefined (2020)

Series; A Life Before a Death (2020)

Series; Archive - a collection of archival portraits (ongoing, coming soon to the site)

Series; Bare Life (2020)

Series; Body Language (2019)

Series; Moon Side (2019)

Series; Harvest (2018)

Series; Unearthed (2018)

Series; The Mountains are Calling: South Island Story (2017)

Series; Woman at Home, Part I (2016)

Series; This Way (2016)