Woman at Home
pt. I

A self portrait story, shot at home in rural Pomona (Queensland), shortly after the birth of my firstborn.

What becomes of a woman, a maiden made mother, set inside walls with pauses between a baby’s demands. No work frame of the modern world she knew, broken from birth and reborn and rebuilt from a kind of love she never knew. A stronger sense of self, a fire inside rich in raw feelings, devotion, listlessness, and pride. A commitment to self, an armour brand new. But with many hours of magic drenched in love, milk and soft skin, equal time also sits with her... empty rooms and quiet walls. A contemplation of societal structures around “man and wife”, or “at home mother”, and challenging and questioning of the female identity- has it changed, how far or little have we come? How many lives can we live in one, how many paths can we lose ourselves in, can we have individuality when so coupled and at one with another? What today, does it mean, to be a woman at home?