Woman at Home
pt. II

‘Woman at Home’ part II, (2020) - shot at muse Lisa’s home in isolation, in country Victoria.
Created during a time of global self-isolation (pandemic COVID-19), on medium format analogue.

A pendulum swing, a heartening hum, as we catch air and sit in silence. Awaiting our new beginning. A change in narrative and meaning, metamorphosis from what was...
This second instalment of my fine art nude series (WAH) organically came to fruition during an extraordinary time in our history as we all stay home, saturated with our own company, holding closely a mortality and fragility never so transparent, and the inevitability of a new evolution. Ultimately, our revolution of self, a forced and unified mission to reset and rewrite our direction. And as a female... what lies within?

Further insight into the series;
A second part to fine art nude series ‘Woman at Home’ was created years after the first instalment during a time of global self-isolation in response to the unfolding pandemic of COVID-19. Shot on film analogue, and from a ‘social distancing’ viewpoint, Ilsa captures Lisa in isolation in her country-Victoria home, rich in feminine gaze and exploration of one woman’s view of another woman’s view. Conceptually at the heart of this second part remains the series’ core investigation of questioning societal values and the structures we find ourselves in as women, whether consciously or not. In addition to this important modern enquiry, a world-changing pandemic muddies such placement and stirs our purpose and values furthermore. Provocative, raw, and open-ended, Lisa’s face (identity) is purposely hidden or partly so, to allow female viewers to identify their own interpretation and personal meaning, and to position male viewers to look at ‘Woman’ in a different way to what may be condition and belong only in our past.

Shot on medium format film, with limited prints available to purchase.