Do you remember the rain?

A photography and written word expression with Melissa Mikletic of Before March and musician Stephanie Cherote, exploring the three women’s reflections on an encounter with rain.

Published on Anyonegirl

A poem in three parts (written unseen to one another - an individual interpretation of the rain, pulled together as one).

Do you remember the rain? How it fell with such percussion. Dewy galaxies on the pane. As we confessed that of memory’s stain. And slept through its constance. All was hydrated. It’s never fallen quite the same

–And in the downpour I remembered to breathe–

We were strangers then. Veiled by a woollen sky. Her winter tears an offering that marched among us, and sparked a joy. Magnified by seams of light, the day tore open, and I remained grasped by an eternal grey fever. Do you remember the rain?