NUÑEZ, (2023)
Ilsa Wynne—Hoelscher Kidd
$70.00 AUD + postage

NUÑEZ is an artists’ photo book exploring the visual dialogue and intimacy between two women, friends and artists, photographer Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd and subject Nuñez Rojas.

An exercise in dual exploration with an examining of Nuñez’s cultural heritage shunned by colonial displacement at its core, the photo-essay asks viewers to question their perception of others, how others may perceive them, and one’s relationship with the world around. 

Uncomplicated and loosely bound, the book is made of sequential layouts curated to depict the series’ true documentation to place the viewer at the heart of the visual and momentary exchange between the two women. Portraits that may be similar side by side but speak at various volumes through their slight expression shifts or camera movements to spotlight human experience, reflection, energy and multilayered diversity one person harnesses. The photographs captured on film and embracing flaws speak further to the truth of the spontaneity guided by twofold instinct, play and synergy. Nuanced but gentle, the work sits quietly and offers an openness, engaging with one person in a different way to another, the elastic binding inviting the viewer to explore layers and meaning. Ultimately the series aims to highlight connection, viewpoints and attempted self/other understanding.

52 pages + 16 page insert
280 x 220 mm
Milliner’s elastic bound
First Edition of 100
Printed in Australia, 2023