A personal art and documentary series, (2016 - ongoing), an archive curation coming soon to the site.

Album 01 releasing 2024. 

An ongoing documentary collection consisting of candid imagery and self portraits of the artist as Mother, and her children... an intimate visual conversation about mother and child, and how these two stages of life are interwoven and a survival of sorts, juxtaposed by the very nature of raising the young as you anticipate the old. An indefatigable connection of parent and offspring, with the crippling clutch of letting go.

Observational in style, and nuanced in the works’ layers, the series transports the viewer well into the camera itself, looking at life - the creation, the cycle and the crushing truth that nothing lasts forever - through a female gaze intimately tying the audience to a very personal but universal narrative. Weaved throughout captures of truth is conceptual art commentary and collage exploring the themes of fertility, ageing, expiry and the shadow of mortality. Overall, the bittersweet act and evolution of passing down, and passing on.